Who We Are

We are educated on the industry

ASF Assistance is a privately owned company made up of investors that were educated on the industry of student loans. They learned that all federal student loans are serviced and or managed by private banks that are paid on interest. It was quickly realized that the bridge between Department of Education programs and students with seemingly un-payable student loans had not been built. This realization led to the idea that we could create a business that could build that very bridge.  The secret is out. Assistance is available and we intend to provide it to any and all students with federal student loans.



What do we do?

  • By gathering relevant documents and information we are able to identify suitable programs to almost everyone. We are able to prepare documents both for your review and submission. The goal is to remove the frustration of going through the process. To insure you have in fact been matched to the correct program, and ultimately gain the maximum amount of savings both short term and long term for each and every client.
  • Once we have received all necessary information from you, we complete the application forms required by the Department of Education.
  • We deliver them, and your account is officially active. You receive updates and are kept up to date on important steps when they are completed.
  • We also aim to educate people on what has been turned into a complicated system all designed to maximize interest paid by you.



Why Us?

ASF Assistance has taken steps to insure every single client receives the best of all services we provide. Be it simple advice, education both on loans as well as the federal student loan industry as a whole. Up to and including but certainly not limited to the enrollment into any program offered by the U.S. Department of Education.


We are confident in our ability because we have a rigorous certification program designed take your personal financial circumstances and objectives into account and match them to available options. Our Credit Manager and Processors along with all Upper Management participate in mandatory continuing education that insures our professional team remain up to date and certified to current student loan-specific issues and regulations put forth by all state and federal regulatory  institutions. This includes The U.S. Department of Education, State and Federal Attorney General’s Office and the FCC to name a few.


Our organization is open to both random and appointed state and federal audits of files to insure we are always far above compliance. To the consumer this means  you can rest assured that we are a part of and dedicated to this assistance program and that we will find our clients the most efficient and effective path to repayment.



What can you expect?

If you are already out of school, we will first review your current source(s) of income and then look at your student loan debt and any other outstanding debt you may have, such as a mortgage, car loan or credit card debt. If you are still in school or about to enroll, we will look at your financial circumstances—including those of your family, if appropriate—and discuss your expectations for the future to help guide you toward a program that will serve you going forward. Whether your goals are to find a lower monthly payment, reduce the length of time to pay off your student loans or decrease the amount of interest you pay over the term of your loans, our student loan counselors can recommend the options that are best for you.

Let us assist you in both repaying your loans more efficiently and help you in understanding why it is, student loans are truly the most difficult loans in the United States to repay.


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